Posts About Electric Scooters

I started hacking on the Xiaomi M365 electric scooter in 2018 and realized that it's kind of a big deal. It is cheap compared to all of our transportation options for what it is. It is configurable inside and out. It is lightweight and carryable, yet impressively powerful thanks to modern and mass produced Lithium Ion 18650 battery cells. On top of all that, it's fun! You're probably not in love with the automobile and road system behind it. Maybe it's the drivers on it, the inefficiency, or perhaps the mass pollution it causes. It's hard to get more efficient than a small aluminium frame, a battery pack, and an electric motor.

To me it seems like electric scooters are a good place to be investing time and money. This is happening around the globe and the community's collective knowledge is only growing. So whenever I learn something, I'll try to post a writeup here.