Basic Schematic

This list of parts covers a minimum setup you'll need to add 12-volt components to your M365. Once installed, this gets you a 5A / 12V source that switches with the scooter. This also assumes you have some basic tools available such as a soldering iron and electrical tape.

You'll make a Y-cable with the XT30 pigtails: 1 male to 2 female. One female end goes into your DRV, the other into the last pigtail, a male, which then plugs into your DC DC converter. Its negative lead is gated via the MOSFET.

Alternatively, there is also this module that not only steps voltage down but also does the switching part. You could wire the 5V to the "EN" pin and avoid having to wire up your own MOSFETs. I have not experimented with this board yet.

Why do I need the extra parts and the scooter's 5V?

The 5V from the scooter will drop to 0 when it's off, so gating a MOSFET with it toggles your 12V mods and the stepdown converter with the scooter.

If you do not do that, you will continuously draw current from the battery while turned off. While small, it's significant. I observed my battery percentage slightly dropping overnight before I gated everything.

See Tapping into the scooter's 5V in my turn signal article for one possible method.


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