Here are my preferences for David's (BotoXbz) custom firmware tool. Priorities are a smooth riding experience and a good balance between more power vs. motor/battery wear. This fixes the scooter blocking acceleration when drifting slowly and automatically braking when picking up speed down a hill. It also gives you extra niceties such as more responsive acceleration and raising the top speed from the scooter.

That said, remember that scooters aren't and can never be the most stable means of transportation. Be careful. Mod at your own risk.

UPDATE: These settings are for the original power constant-based patcher. If you're wondering about the beta and Pro patchers, have a read through this article.

Base version of your firmware:

1.3.8 - The M365 community pretty universally agrees this version provides the smoothest riding experience over 1.3.0 or older, 1.4.*, or 1.5.*.

KERS min speed:

40.0 - Setting this to the top speed effectively turns off KERS while not accelerating or braking. We believe disabling it improves motor lifetime with reduced wear/heat. You will notice the scooter picking up more speed when coasting without KERS, whereas before there's an ever-so-slight drag. As the tool states, the motor still recuperates energy while braking.

Maximum speed in Normal mode:

40 - (25 MPH) Removes surprising and unsafe automatic braking. You're likely to hit this while going downhill and really is as fast as you'd want to safely go.

Maximum speed in ECO mode:

26 - (16 MPH) To make it easier to be courteous when riding around people.

Motor start speed:

0 - Prevents it from sometimes blocking acceleration when drifting slowly.

Motor power constant:

33000 - Just about as powerful as the hacking group recommends without crossing the threshold of excess motor/battery wear. This is where the bulk of your extra power comes from.

Cruise control delay:

5 - Shave a second off the long delay before cruise control kicks in.

Instant mode switch:

YES - Removes requirement to be stopped to double-press the power button to switch to Eco mode. Handy sometimes to reduce your speed when entering a congested area.

Boot with ECO mode:

NO - Up to you really to choose which mode you use more. In my experience 95% of the time I want full power. If you have an extra charger, you'll probably find yourself in this camp too.

Russian throttle algorithm (from CFW):

YES - Makes the throttle much more responsive. Most noticibly, removes the big delay after letting off the throttle before the power to the motor stops. With this turned off, the throttle feels heavy and kludgy.

Battery voltage limit:

Default - As the tool states, for extra batteries. You're probably advanced if you're working with this setting.

Remove hard speed limit of 35km/h:

YES - Defer to speed limits above.

Remove charging mode:

Default - As the tool states, for extra batteries. You're probably advanced if you're working with this setting.

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