Been having a blast modding my Xiaomi M365 escooter. Here are my preferences for the Botox tool, and why.

Base version of your firmware:


KERS min speed:

18.0 - Though Roller Plausch likes a much higher value, a friend and I observed a much smoother ride at this level with a lot of repeated braking. Taking it down to at least the teens gives you less of a jerk after releasing the brake. We did not see any overall reduction of power with this setting.

Maximum speed in Normal mode:

40 - (25 MPH) Probably about as fast as you'd want to safely go. Likely to hit this while going downhill.

Maximum speed in ECO mode:

26 - (16 MPH) To make it easier to be courteous when riding around people.

Motor start speed:

0 - Prevents it from sometimes blocking acceleration when drifting slowly.

Motor power constant:

33000 - Just about as powerful as they recommend without crossing the threshold of excess motor/battery wear. This is where the bulk of your extra power comes from.

Cruise control delay:

5 - Shave a second off the long delay before cruise control kicks in.

Instant mode switch:

YES - Removes requirement to be stopped to double-press the power button to switch to Eco mode. Recommend switching to reduce your speed when entering an area of congestion.

Boot with ECO mode:

YES - Just an extra step between the rider and the mode with more power for safety.

Russian throttle algorithm (from CFW):

NO - Seems that original algo is smoother.

Battery voltage limit:

Default - No extra batteries (yet!)

Remove hard speed limit of 35km/h:

YES - Defer to speed limits above.

Remove charging mode:

YES - Eventually planning on extra batteries.

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