Insulin Kit

All the kits are too big.

Lately, I've been frustrated with the quite popular OneTouch Mini forgetting the time and date. Every time I need to download the data, I discover it's completely off, and reset it. Of course, the software cannot display a good chart or graph with bad dates.

Clearly, a new meter was in order. I like the Verio, which is a much newer offering from OneTouch. It uses different test strips which require quite a lot less blood, has a better UI, and most importantly, remembers the date and time.

A big part of why I preferred the Mini for so long is that the case not only holds a meter, but also an insulin pen, and is small. It has to comfortably fit into a back pants pocket. We already carry our phones and keys and wallets. It has to be easy for us diabetics to carry our basic equipment too.

The Verio setup

At stock, the Verio case wastes space, but is otherwise a great design. Turns out, it's just the right size. Start by emptying the contents and separate away each component from the plastic insert.

Top part / the net pouch:

  • The Verio Meter

    Place on the left, rotate sideways. When you need to use it, rotate it back upright again. It will end up leaning on the lip of the case, providing a nice viewing angle.

  • Glucose Tabs, 4x

    Place on the right. Wrap the tablets in two stacks of two in one of those lightweight, non-zipper sandwich bags. Fold over a few times to make compact. I used a small rubber band too.

  • Alcohol swabs, up to 4x

    Wedge behind the tabs. You may have to stagger them for best fit.

Main / bottom part

  • Novopen or Luxura Insulin Pen

    The only way this fits is angled and uncapped (see picture). May seem funny, but it's better than slipping into a holder on the outside of the case. I alcohol swab the tip at least every other day. And of course, the inside of your case should be clean!

  • Delica Lancet Device

    The smallest lancet device I've used. The way the pen is angled leaves an area in the top-left and the bottom-right. The lancet device goes in the top-left since its low profile clears the meter above it when the case is closed. If you've been doing this awhile, you know that we don't end up replacing lancets too often, and thus don't need to carry them daily.

  • Test strip vial

    The other area is the bottom-right, which is where this goes. The empty space above your glucose tabs is enough to fit the wider profile of the test strip vial.

  • Pen needles

    The needles go in every other available space in the lower part, honestly. And there is room for actually quite a few.

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